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j2 te16糖尿病,肾退化



Read more: Cheng Kee Teong

j2 te08High Blood Pressure, Diabetes

My blood pressure was high at 180/90 and diabetes of 25 since September 1996. I always felt dizzy and weak.
My health condition improved after consuming two (2) bottles of JUARA International liquid chlorophyll (JILC), two (2) tablespoonfuls with a glass of water every morning and night. After consuming JILC for two (2) months, the medical report confirmed that my blood pressure and diabetes had improved to normal condition.

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j2 te09Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Piles Bleeding, Constipation  

I was suffering from constipation and problem of bleeding piles. My blood pressure was at an abnormally high level of 200/120 for the past 6 years. My legs were itchy and swollen due to diabetes.

Read more: Lim Kim Hoy

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